Classroom Partners

posted Jan 26, 2018, 10:29 AM by
We have been very fortunate this year to have a number of student-teacher candidates from the University of Ottawa honing their craft in our junior and primary panels. Ms Way, a first year B.Ed. student, has been  working alongside Ms Dean with the grade 4s and 6s and Ms Pietrantonio, a second year B.Ed. student, has been with Ms Kralik and the grade ones. While working with strong mentors in a real classroom is excellent training for the student-teachers, the students also greatly benefit from the additional support provided by two educators in their classroom. Both of our student-teachers found time to become involved at SJA beyond the classroom, Ms Way helping with the Peacebuilders and our anti-bullying campaign and Ms Pietrantonio providing some tutoring to a number of our young readers. 

We also partnered with Bell High School's and St. Paul High School's cooperative education programs. This partnership brought four senior high school students to our primary and junior panels, with one coop student pairing up with Madame Hughes' immersion classes. 

Beyond these more formal partnerships with post-secondary and secondary schools, we have a complement of parent and community volunteers who are with us each week acting as reading coaches and classroom assistants. Their generous gift of their time and expertise broadens and enriches the support we can offer our students.